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Home sales have been slowing in Metro Vancouver since the spring, plus the effects of the new foreign buyers tax, which yet has to be figured out, is going to have an impact on the market.

Condos and Townhouses are still selling pretty hot, and there is not much you can do about the condo building you live in, all your work will be inside. However, if you have a house , it is more important than ever to have your home prepared well for sale. Curb appeal matters, people are deciding while they are pulling up to the house.

Inventory has been on the rise in houses, with sales slowing quite significantly. Prices are still strong, but to get that premium price, at least make sure your grass is kept trim and edged. Water the plants through the heat, and keep the area swept clean. Remove any rubbish and clean everything.

Painting is a pretty easy thing to do for improving the curb appeal. Any wood can easily be touched up. Freshly painted stairs, railings, and trim boost the look a lot.

Inside the house, clutter should be minimized. A professional stager would come through and take half your stuff out, and it can be tough. To maximize value and to get the fastest sale, keeping the inside very clean and clear of clutter is the most important thing. It may be necessary to rent storage, but it may help to get a faster sale.

Every home is different, everyone’s home would require its own treatment, but this is where the advice of professionals can be very valuable.

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